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A Tricky Stitch from the Peruvian Highlands

One of my favorite Andean textiles is the humble potato sack, or costal. It’s deeply [...]

A Long and Winding Road to Peru and Bolivia

My friendship with Cynthia Lecount Samaké, author of our new A Textile Traveler’s Guide to [...]

I Want to Give You a Scarf from Peru

In our very first Thrums Books textile giveaway, you have a chance to win one of [...]

Portal to Peru Old and New

I just drove down to Santa Fe to attend the Fifteenth annual International Folk Art Market. [...]

Peru: A Living Heritage

I’ve been fascinated with the Smithsonian Folklife Festival blog and Facebook feeds the last few [...]

A Mother’s Gift

Teaching textile traditions is a gift mothers pass to their children generation after generation. Whether [...]

What do they do when they’re not writing books?

I’ve been checking in with Thrums Books authors to see how they are living their [...]

Thrumming Around: Thrums Books Finds a New Home

When my colleagues at ClothRoads and I chose the name “Thrums” for our umbrella business, [...]

The Hat in the Hat

In our culture today, it’s most likely a felt or straw Stetson or a baseball [...]

Weaving in Morocco: Our Craft, Our Calling

Last week, publisher Linda Ligon transported us to the highlands of Bolivia and Peru. This [...]

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