A Mother’s Gift

Teaching textile traditions is a gift mothers pass to their children generation after generation. Whether in Mexico or Morocco, Afghanistan or Laos, mothers have been teaching their daughters (ands sons) to weave, to spin, to dye, to embroider for centuries. Sharing these skills with the next generation is practical, of course, because it creates a livelihood, but sharing that gift also passes down a cultural legacy. It’s a way to maintain strong family connections by working together, sharing ideas, and creating. In the case of some families, this work together is an almost sacred ritual.

Photo by Eric Mindling from Oaxaca Stories in Cloth.

We offer our gratitude to those mothers who hold traditions and families together. Whether they are busily conspiring with their daughters to evolve the complex weaving patterns of the Chiapas highlands, counting embroidered stitches in Afghanistan, or reeling and dyeing silk in Laos, their legacy, their beauty endures.

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Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere and to all who mother.


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