Velvet on My Mind, Velvet on My Loom: Velvet Weaving Past & Present

By Wendy Landry 260 Pages Hardcover ISBN 9780764359347 For over one thousand years, velvet textiles were woven by hand with great ingenuity and artistry. This book recounts a transcontinental story of their development into one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and economically important products of the medieval and Renaissance periods, in constant demand at courts […]

A Textile Traveler’s Guide to Guatemala

By Deborah Chandler Paperback | 132 Pages ISBN: 9781732352841 Winner of the 2020 Independent Book Publishers Association’s Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for Travel. The vibrant character of Guatemala is most visible in its handwoven textiles, which are still in everyday use and readily available in native markets all over the country. A Textile Traveler’s Guide […]

A Textile Traveler’s Guide to Peru and Bolivia

By Cynthia LeCunt Samaké Paperback | 152 Pages ISBN: 9781732352858 From weekly village markets in the Peruvian highlands to fanciful costumes of Bolivia’s Carnival, author Cynthia LeCount Samaké guides readers through the living legacy of two-thousand years of textile tradition in the Andean highlands and beyond. Samaké draws on her decades of independent travel in […]

The Human Thread: Photography of Joe Coca

By Joe Coca Hardcover | 188 Pages ISBN: 9781733510868 The Human Thread is a celebration of outstanding photography. Nearly 100 images represent photographer Joe Coca’s remarkable work, spanning forty years and five continents. Each section of the book features an array of remarkable photographs that shows a region’s people—most often portraits of artisans working in ancient […]

Spider Woman’s Children: Navajo Weavers Today

Spider Woman's Children

By Lynda Teller Pete & Barbara Teller Ornelas Photography by Joe Coca Paperback | 144 Pages ISBN: 9780999051757 Over twenty profiles representing weavers from ages sixteen to eighty-eight illustrate the beautiful and complex world of contemporary Navajo life, art, and family. The authors are fifth-generation Navajo weavers who tell each weaver’s story with an authentic […]

Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives


  by Susan Schaefer Davis Photos by Joe Coca Paperback | 168 Pages ISBN: 9780999051719 Gold Winner for the 31st Annual Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award.  Morocco is a wildly diverse land, a confluence of cultures, and home to myriad ancient craft traditions still thriving today. Women spin wool and weave rugs, they […]

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