Maya Threads: A Woven History of Chiapas

Maya ThreadsBy Walter (Chip) F. Morris,  Jr. and Carol Karasik,
Photography  by  Janet  Schwartz
Paperback | 224 Pages
ISBN:  9780983886068

Winner of the 2016 Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for excellence in editorial content, photography, and design!

Destined  to  be  the  definitive  guide  to  the  history,  meaning,  and  evolution  of  Chiapas textiles  from  pre-Columbian  royal raiment to  the  latest manifestations  of  ancient  symbols  and  styles.  Chiapas hosts one of the  country’s  largest indigenous populations with a strong cultural  identify. Chip Morris’s  well trained and observant  eyes  on  the  fabrics,  techniques, designs,  and  colors  that  make  the  region  one  of  the  finest  and  most  varied living  textiles histories  in  the  world  provide  a  rich  cultural history.  Maya  Threads is  the  ultimate sourcebook for  anyone  interested  in  the  culture and history  of  Chiapas,  Mexico.


Textile Research Centre’s Book Showcase

Textile Society of America

Hand/Eye magazine


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