Textile Traditions of Chinchero: A Living Heritage

Traditional Textiles of ChincheroBy Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez
Bilingual English/Spanish
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780983886013
Published in cooperation with the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco

Hundreds of vintage and fascinating full-color photos illustrate this bilingual book that explores the traditional weavers of Chinchero, Peru, at work on their traditional dress and costume. From shearing the wool and dyeing and spinning the yarn to the final weaving on traditional backstrap looms, all the aspects of this traditional art are detailed, and pattern motifs representing flora, fauna, geographical features, farm tools, and more are cataloged and explained. The role of special textiles in the rituals and festivals of the community is documented and the evolution of weaving over four generations is told in the voices of the elders of Chinchero.


from  Library Journal
“The armchair traveler, who might never otherwise visit Peru’s remote weaving centers, will be amazed at the variety of designs that makes it possible for a knowledgeable observer to identify peoples’ native villages by the style of their woven and knitted attire.”

from Textile Research Centre’s Recommended Books

” . . .  As with other Thrums books this is a combination of beautiful illustrations, details and intriguing information. It is clear that the author knows and enjoys textiles and wishes to spread her love of the subject to a much wider public.”


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