is part of a business collective which also includes both its parent company, Thrums LLC, and its sister company, ClothRoads, a global textile purveyor.

Those of us involved in these endeavors worked together at Interweave Press for many years, honing our skills and forging a tight-knit team. The years have taken us in different directions, but the core relationships remain, and the core commitment to supporting indigenous textile artisans worldwide. Some of us are writers, some of us source and sell wonderful cloth. Words and threads. It’s all in aid of helping sustain time-honored traditions.

In 2007, we started Thrums Books, which was sold to Schiffer Publishing in September of 2020 after publishing approximately 24 titles focused on documenting the stories of textile artisans from Laos to Peru, from Mexico to Morocco, from Guatemala to Afghanistan, and beyond. The aim was always to tell the human stories behind the cloth, to reflect the importance of cloth in the history and social evolution of a culture and we’re excited the the book program will live on with Schiffer.

Following the sale of the book business to Schiffer, was born and remains dedicated to telling the stories of people, culture, and the fabrics that connect us all.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Barbara Smatlanek says:

    …no idea how you found my email but glad you did…I am enthralled… your blogs will my novel reading for the next few weeks…. Moby Dick, Scott of the Antarctic and Gulliver’s Travels can wait!

  2. Christina says:

    I began receiving your email newsletters a while ago — each one is a totally new window on women somewhere in the world working with their hands, making textiles. It’s wonderful. I have two suggestions for your website: one, could you put your books into a catalogue .pdf file for downloading? These books, these topics, they’re of interest to all ages … which means also those ages which aren’t computer-savvy or have internet access. So much nicer to be able to print a catalogue and give them a hardcopy to examine and exclaim over.
    Second suggestion — make the website pages printable! At present, all web pages print on 3 sheets — the first has essentially the masthead, the second page has as much of the text as will fit on the physical paper, and the third page has the bottom tag line to the website. In short, your information won’t print in its entirety. Now, if this is on purpose — I would question the purpose. If it’s unexpected or not known — then please fix it. Your books, your blogs, they all deserve a much better fate than to be truncated by a defective piece of coding.

  3. Patricia Carroll-Mathes says:

    Loved your post about Amelio, the weaver, dancer, charmer of Pitumarca! I bought several pieces from him while traveling with ATA to Tinkuy 2017 and love knowing more about him.

    • Karen Brock says:

      We don’t ship to Canada, but our books are available through Amazon in Canada and you can order them through your local book shop.
      Also, all of our books are available as eBook downloads.

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