Thrums Books is part of a business collective which also includes both its parent company, Thrums LLC, and its sister company, ClothRoads, a global textile purveyor.

Those of us involved in these endeavors worked together at Interweave Press for many years, honing our skills and forging a tight-knit team. The years have taken us in different directions, but the core relationships remain, and the core commitment to supporting indigenous textile artisans worldwide. Some of us make books, some of us source and sell wonderful cloth. Words and threads. It’s all in aid of helping sustain time-honored traditions.

Thrums Books’ first title was Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands: Dreaming Patterns, Weaving Memories, published in 2007. In the ensuing years, we’ve added 17 titles, focusing on textile artisans from Laos to Peru, from Mexico to Morocco, from Guatemala to Afghanistan, and beyond. Our aim is always to document the human stories behind the cloth, to reflect the importance of cloth in the history and social evolution of a culture.

Linda Ligon, Thrums Books director and publisher. Founder and Creative Director of Interweave Press for 30 years before launching Thrums Books.

Karen Brock, Thrums Books associate publisher.

Marilyn Murphy, ClothRoads managing partner.

Linda Tiley Stark, ClothRoads partner.

We depend on a strong team of freelance providers to help us create our books. These include but are not limited to photographer Joe Coca, designers Michael Signorella, Susan Wasinger, Ann Douden, and Anne Clark, and a number of copy editors and proofreaders.

Learn more about Thrums Books in this in-depth interview with Colorado Public Radio. 

Thrums Books is a proud member of Weave a Real Peace (WARP), Textile Society of America, Independent Book Publishers Association, and Artisan Alliance.

*Thrums: the row of warp thread ends left on a loom when the woven cloth is cut off. The fringe.

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Patricia Carroll-Mathes says:

    Loved your post about Amelio, the weaver, dancer, charmer of Pitumarca! I bought several pieces from him while traveling with ATA to Tinkuy 2017 and love knowing more about him.

    • Karen Brock says:

      We don’t ship to Canada, but our books are available through Amazon in Canada and you can order them through your local book shop.
      Also, all of our books are available as eBook downloads.

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